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128 Upper East Road, Belgravia HARARE, Zimbabwe
Telephone: 263 4 303518 / 9 or 0912 112 279 Fax: 263 4 339637

About 24Hour Vet

The 24 Hour Veterinary Surgery has a full compliment of staff on duty at all times to ensure that your pet gets the best possible treatment, even outside of normal working hours.

24 Hour Vet surgery

We are open 24/7

for all your veterinary requirements.
There is always a vet on duty for your emergencies any time of day or night!

Our Staff

Dr Vinay Ramlaul BVSc(UZ)

Dr Vinay Ramlaul BVSc(UZ)

has been with the 24 Hour Vet since its inception with Dr Chris Trace, who is now retired. Dr Ramlaul qualified at University of Zimbabwe in its heyday and has a wealth of experience in small animal veterinary.

Dr. Hastings Sadziwa B.V.Sc UZ

Dr. Hastings Sadziwa B.V.Sc UZ

has recently joined the practice and works on our night shifts. He has worked for a year and a half at the Harare SPCA where he gained valuable experience. He has a passion for small animal medicine.

Dr Godfrey Chifaka BVSc(UZ)

Dr Godfrey Chifaka BVSc(UZ)

qualified from University of Zimbabwe and joined us in 2007. He covers much of the routine surgery and is invaluable as our second 'daytime" vet.

Dr Solomon Dhliwayo BVSc(UZ)

Dr Solomon Dhliwayo BVSc MV Sma(UZ)

is also UZ trained. He has a masters in small animal veterinary medicine and has a passion for small animal medicine.  He is a important member of our team both as a practitioner and as a source of information for new treatment protocols!

24 hour vet team


Our vets are ably assisted by Zhuwao and Elliot - stalwarts that have been working at the surgery since the year dot! There isn't much that they haven't seen or dealt with over the years! Charles and Liberty are newer imports and learing much under the tutilage of Zhuwao and Elliot. Jera is another long term member of staff who doubles as both assistant and messenger!

On reception we have Richard, Helton and Micheck who will assist you in any enquiry you may have, be it booking your dog in for surgery to which is the best dog food to purchase.

Our Products



SAVANNAPET is especially formulated to meet all your dogs nutritional needs. Made from ostrich and rice it contains all natural ingredients, has no colourants, is low in cholesterol, has balanced essential fatty acids and minerals, providing all the energy and resources necessary for a healthy and happy pet.

Available in ADULT, PUPPY and SENIOR it is approved for export to the EU Selling at the recommended South African retail price!


I have recently had to change my dog food to Savanna from another brand. The difference in 6 weeks on this food has been marked. Not only are their coats better, their food consumption has made this a more economical purchase. It has been great to see the dogs’ health and demeanor improve as a result of this.
Puppies being fed on Savanna appear to have a better growth rate, much improved coats and are often in much better condition than their litter mates being fed other foods.
It is more cost effective to feed Savanna which is a whole food than a typical supermarket brand dog food or even a home cooked diet. The dogs eat less and get more nutrition from Savannah.
fetch dog food

FETCH - Dog Food

FETCH is a superior quality whole food manufactured to AAFCO standards providing affordable nutrition for your dog.

other products

Other Products

 The 24 Hour Vet carries a limited stock of these products. We have a wide range of imported pet care products including shampoos, supplements and flea treatments. We stock a wide range of high quality products from Kyron Laboratories including Shoofly spray and ointment, Canivti, Canical, Gerivet, Mobiflex, Mirracote, Milkopup and Kittymilk. We also stock a large range of Marlton's Products including Cat Litter , cat cages and shampoos.


We stock a wide range of Hill's Cat Food.  This is a high quality cat food designed for the lifestyle of your cat.  it is especially formulated to reduce urinary problems which can be common in cats fed of dry food.

Get More Products

Come and see our selection of food bowls, dog treats and collars and leads.
Call our reception on 04 303518/9 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


News and Public Relations


We now have the Feline Leukemia Virus vaccine in stock for your feline friends. Feline Leukemia Viral infections are potentially fatal in cats.  Please contact us for more information about this disease.


Please read this story of this abandoned beagle.


bally vaughan sanctuary hyena

Spay Campaign

Dr Vin Ramlaul and Elliot recently participated in the AWARE TRUST   spay campaign in the Lowveld. 38degrees in the shade a thermometer left out in the sun topped out at 50 degrees - it was hot! But once again very well received by the local population. 50 spays, 90 odd castrations and 150 innoculations were carried out over the 6 day campaign. Well done to all concerned. For a detailed report please visit


The 24 Hour Vet provides free veterinary care for all the animals at Twala Trust Sanctuary.

If you would like to know more about Twala Trust Sanctuary and the care they provide for orphaned or injured animals call Sarah Carter on 0733436239.